Pediatrician’s Office

New York NY
1,200 SF

Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC took on the design of a 1,200 square foot Manhattan office for two pediatricians. In a job that demanded expert space planning, we gutted the interior and then redesigned the space like a loft, setting the waiting room, reception area, administrative offices, and nurses station out in the open in clearly defined areas. Interior windows were set into six enclosed rooms, again to open up and integrate the space, and where possible, the ceiling was established at its maximum height.


Because both children and adults frequent the office, architectural elements were carefully chosen that would appeal to both. Wainscoting was placed lower than usual to address a child’s height, while doorknobs were set higher than standard to prevent children from making unexpected entries. The design element of a “house” was built into the reception desk to accommodate equipment and papers. Another large “house” was placed in the waiting room to hold magazines and toys. It simulates a doll’s house for the delight of children and creates visual interest for the adults.