Melrose Homes

Bronx NY

Melrose Homes is proof that attractive, affordable housing can be achieved in New York through quality design and teamwork. Well received by the community, the success of this project is demonstrated by the fact that all units were sold before construction was complete.


Among the innovative design features of these pre-fabricated homes are the distinctive facades and roof parapets that give individual identity to the paired homes. Canopies cantilevered above the front porches and entries echo the form of the parapets above. Each paired home has a varied offset to break the monotony often associated with row houses.

All these features, along with a warm color palette and varying finishes of synthetic stucco on the facades, make for a lively street elevation.


Since its completion, Melrose Homes has received design recognition from several institutions. The American Institute of Architects/New York State Association of Architects selected this project as the recipient of a 1992 Design Award.