Maimonides Pediatric Center

Brooklyn NY

Designed for Maimonides Medical Center, this pediatric care facility serves all of the faculty’s specialty practices, such as Genetics, Gastro Intestinal, Pulmonary, Allergy, Adolescent Medicine and Endocrinology. Currently, the facility receives approximately 19,000 visits per year, with a projected growth to 30,000 in five years. The facility encompasses 5,500 square feet and is comprised of 13 exam rooms.


The ocean provides the underlying theme to the finishes throughout the space. The waiting area, which accommodates up to 30 people, has a full height mural on one wall depicting an underwater scene complete with whales and dolphins, while the reception desk is shaped like the bow of a ship. The wooden doors along the corridor contain two “porthole” windows, one at adult height and one at a child’s height. The flooring throughout is decorated with blue waves of water and shapes of fish and other sea creatures.