Global Health Moscow

Moscow Russia
10,500 SF

This state-of-the-art medical facility in Moscow is the product of a teaming between Columbia Presbyterian Health Services and PepsiCo, to meet the growing demand for U.S. healthcare in Russia. Magnusson Architects was enlisted to both design the facility and coordinate the logistics of the construction, shipments of furniture, equipment, and finishes from the United States.


While a local construction firm was hired by the client to carry out the actual construction and installation work, MAP successfully drew upon its extensive medical facility experience with Columbia Presbyterian and others to plan, design, and coordinate.


In keeping with our principle of working closely with the client to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the project; we took frequent trips to Moscow to acquaint ourselves with the site, the local professionals associated with this project and the local codes, materials and construction techniques, as well as local trade customs. Because most materials, furniture, and equipment were shipped directly from the U.S.; this fast track project required extensive coordination and project management services.


Located in a modern medical building in the heart Moscow, this facility houses a dozen combination exam/consultation rooms, administration offices, staff work areas, a lab, and comfortable waiting areas.


Following the client’s expectations, Magnusson Architect and Planning was able to create a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility that provides a healing place for Westerners working abroad.