Gates Gardens

Brooklyn NY
54,000 SF

This new seven-story HUD 202 affordable senior housing project is located at the corner of Gates and Wilson Avenues, in the Ridgewood Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. In the front, a landscape buffer is created at the sidewalks and an open space with seating is integral to the entry. The ground floor of Gates Gardens contains a modern lobby, two community rooms, laundry room, social services office and superintendent’s apartment. The rear yard features an outdoor gathering area and required parking.


Utilizing various shades of brick and stone, the overall mass of this seven-story building is broken down traditionally into base, middle, and top yet with a modern sense of detailing. The main architectural feature at the entry is a vertically accented tower capped by an articulated canopy roof. This central element features large areas of glass and affords light and view to the residents in the circulation area immediately adjacent to the elevator. Thus, a social area or dayroom that was otherwise not part of the program was created as a special resident amenity.