700 Rosewood Street

Bronx NY
135,884 SF

700 Rosewood Street is a new eight-story, mixed-use, 125-unit residential building which includes ground floor commercial space along White Plains Road and a ground floor community facility along Rosewood Street. The building also provides 44 residential parking spaces (32 of which are located in the cellar parking garage) and 2 community facility and 20 commercial parking spots on grade.


The red brick façade wraps around both street corners with several building line offsets. The tan brick of these offsets and street corners contrast with the solid red brick occurrence of the main building mass. The courtyard façade are tan with a red brick base.


The typical construction is block and plank for the residential part; the retail and community facility transfer to a steel and metal deck system. The typical wall construction is insulated on the interior side of the block walls between metal studs. All residential windows are fiber glass. The building systems consist of hot water baseboard heating and individual AC cooling (only AC sleeves are provided). The kitchen stoves are electric resistant type and the refrigerators and light fixtures are Energy Star compliant.