1115 Medical/Dental Outpatient Facility

Queens NY
10,000 SF

As a leader in the design of ambulatory health care faculties, Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC was asked to design this new 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility for Local 1115 in New York City. We worked closely with our client to design a facility that provided the latest technology and equipment, was highly functional, and met their budget.


Serving as the new “general practice”, this outpatient center offers the basic primary care specialists for most health care needs. Internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, dentistry and radiology testing facilities, such as mammography. All are contained in one facility, making it easier for patients to gain access to the specialties they need, while also making it easier for the health care providers to manage the total care their patients require.


Effective space planning informed the design, which was based on clear circulation patterns for good patient and staff work flow. High standards were used in construction materials with colorful and durable finishes. The result was a professional, healing environment that benefits both the staff and the patients.