Press | November 2, 2012

Staten Island Apartment Building Weathers Storm

By Amanda Fung

Crain’s New York Business


Of all New York’s borough’s Staten Island was hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, but even there some fared relatively well.


While the South Shore and other waterfront communities of the island were devastated by the storm surge, a new 91-unit apartment building dubbed The Rail, on Bay and Prospect streets, in the North Shore section of the borough fared better than most. While the water reached a depth of three feet in the basement garage of the six-story building, the property’s storm-water detention and drainage system prevented any major issues, according to The Rail’s developer BFC Partners. What helped immensely was that the mechanical and electrical systems as well as the boiler for the building, which was completed last year, are located above ground.


“The system performed as it was supposed to throughout the storm and electricity was quickly restored,” said Donald Capoccia, managing principal and founder of BFC. He added that ultimately the building was without electricity for just 12 hours.


The Rail is located in a Zone A evacuation flood zone. Before the storm half of the tenants evacuated. As of Friday, three-quarters of the residents have now returned, according to Mr. Capoccia. Residents had been told to remove their cars from the garage before the storm struck and all but eight were safely removed before the flood.


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