Press | September 11, 2014

Revealed: 2388 Creston Avenue, Fordham


By Stephan Smith


Yet another slice of the Bronx south of Fordham Road has been filled in, as a new affordable housing complex is arriving at 2388 Creston Avenue.


A block away from the Grand Concourse, between East 184th and 188th Streets, the Creston Avenue Residences, as the building is known, broke ground in January 2013. The housing project was topped-out but still covered in construction netting when the Google


Street View camera rolled by this June, but the building should be nearing completion by now.


The Creston Avenue Residences holds 66 apartments, including 21 studios, 12 one-bedrooms, 32 two-bedrooms and a two-bedroom for the super, spread over 62,750 square feet and 10 stories. It will be a mix of affordable and supportive housing, targeted towards “high-need Medicaid clients, low-income families and disabled veterans.”


The building was developed by Volunteers of America-Greater NY and the Housing Collaborative, and designed by MAP Architects. It’s also a rare example of a tenement neighborhood that’s zoned for significantly more density than the existing context – with a floor area ratio of nearly six, 2388 Creston is denser than the surrounding five- and six-story new law tenements, with FARs of three and four.
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