Announcement | August 21, 2011

Public Housing Re-Skinned

Urban Design Week 2011: By The City, For The City


Revitalizing the grim look of public housing will enhance the quality of life of their residents and to the city as a whole. We propose a second chance to existing public housing buildings by means of changing their look and making them more efficient and functional.
The strategies will include opening access to the roofs as green gardens, installing photovoltaic panels on roofs and south facing facades (BIPV), enhancing public spaces above ground creating green houses and elevated lobbies.


Changing windows & enhancing the openings will provide more daylight, natural ventilation and a new energy efficient envelope using rain screen facade systems. Reconnecting the housing complexes with the urban grid filling the voids at ground level and extending streets will increase security and urban life. Open spaces at different levels increase connectivity with the city and the residents. Good design goes a long way to increase the quality of life. Public housing should be associated with quality housing, something the inhabitants should be proud of and the city will embrace not segregate.


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