Press | October 14, 2005

A New Strategy for the City of Trenton: Full Spectrum of NY Develops Trenton Town Center

NJPA Journal


Under Mayor Doug Palmer’s leadership since the early 1990s – has for a long time been the focus of intense effort by the City government and various agencies to revitalize its core downtown area. Now the City has taken a bold new move to become a national leader in urban renewal and smart growth. It has designated Full Spectrum of NY as the developer of Trenton Town Center, a new, downtown mixed-use planned development, within a block of City Hall. And by almost all measures it is the most important development project in Trenton since the 1970’s.


Full Spectrum is no mere real estate developer. In fact, they define their mission and business as urban revitalization, focusing on sustainability and providing residents with urban work and lifestyle options they may not otherwise have. Their green development standards and dedication to core urban areas is uncompromised. And Trenton Town Center is a prime example of the creativity and resourcefulness that the company typically brings to major urban initiatives. Indeed, the project reinforces the “smart growth development” strategies championed by New Jersey State government.


Within a footprint of roughly 2.4 acres Trenton Town Center promises to provide office, retail, residential and parking facilities to people who want to work and live downtown. The project will include Mercer County’s first high-rise green office building – providing increased energy performance and an optimized human productivity environment that supports sophisticated consulting and high tech businesses in Mercer County. With roughly 300 residential units, Trenton Town Center will provide high performance green residences to attract suburban residents who are pursuing urban lifestyles. And, to top it off, Full Spectrum has solic-upceale retail users, to support the urban lifestyles they seek to provide for residents.


So, what does Full Spectrum mean by “sustainability”. It means a lot. First, it means that their projects promise an economic level of sustainability that truly benefits municipalities’ tax rolls in the long-run. Second, it means environmental sustainability. Full Spectrum seeks to develop at a LEED Gold design level wherever possible. This means incorporation of energy efficient technologies for heating and cooling including geothermal, absorption chillers, natural lighting with daylight controls, under-floor air distribution, waste water and air stream heat recovery, and storm water collection and reuse in cooling towers. Finally, Full Spectrum is committed to the local economies within which they work. Trenton Town Center alone will create over 1,200 permanent jobs and over 750 temporary construction jobs – with an emphasis on empowering minority and women owned business enterprises.


The Full Spectrum. team is marching forward at a brisk pace to make their vision happen. Trenton Town Center, Trenton’s first high performance mixed-use -green development, is scheduled to be complete in December of 2008. And, by the time the project is complete, it is expected that it will spur other high value private investment in the area. For Trenton, a city strategically positioned within New York and Philadelphia, the news could not be better.