Press | January 23, 2020

Millennial Living in Downtown New Rochelle


millennial living in downtown new rochelle
By michael welton



Rob and Laura Petrie never had it so good.


The suburban couple from “The Dick Van Dyke” television show of the early sixties lived a life of relative ease in their single-family home in New Rochelle, 30 miles north of New York City.


But now there’s a new option for living there, aimed specifically at millennials.


It’s called the Printhouse Project, and it’s targeting a younger generation commuting to and from the city – and looking for an urban lifestyle priced lower than the five boroughs. “The developers want young, recent graduates who can’t afford the rent there,” says Chris Jones, associate principal at Magnusson Architecture and Planning.


The Printhouse is 63,800 square feet of mixed-use development with 71 studios and apartments just 500 feet from the Metro North light rail. Named for a printing center that once stood on site, its boxed window frames were inspired by the block type found inside the now-demolished, asbestos-laden building. Read more…