Press | October 8, 2018

MAP on Independent Sources


Hear the flattering mention of Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC at 5:55 during this interview with Nicholas Dagen Bloom PhD., Co-Editor of “Affordable Housing in New York” [Taped: 07-20-2018]. he is talking about our work with New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) on the tenant-in-place renovations of over 1300 apartments in Brooklyn through the RAD program.


On this edition of Independent Sources, hosted by Zyphus Lebrun, a call from the City Comptroller to restructure the New York City Housing Authority after a federal court found the organization lied to investigators. An analysis of Mayor Bill De Blasio’s plan to build and preserve affordable housing in the city. Then we find out about the effort to create affordable housing for the city’s elderly who are being pushed out of their homes. 


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