Press | January 1, 2005

Magnusson’s Yonkers Project Gets Citation from AIA

Real Estate Weekly


After a major renovation of the Parkledge Apartments in Yonkers, Magnusson Architecture and Planning has received a citation award from the New York City chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ housing design program.


“We are deeply honored,” said Magnus Magnusson, principal of Magnusson Architecture and Planning. “We’ve spent many years ensuring that low- and moderate-income housing can be attractive, but when you receive an award like this from your peers it is especially gratifying.”


The 30-year-old affordable housing complex is located on a hilltop by Yonkers Avenue and the Saw Mill River Parkway.


Built under the New York State Urban Development Corporation/ Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 8 program, which provides subsidies to create housing for low-income families, the five-building property contains 310 units spread through two towers, of 19 and 10 stories, and three smaller buildings.


“The result is significantly improved conditions, both visually and functionally, in these deteriorated buildings,” Magnusson explained.


Bucking the trend of upgrading such projects to market-rate and luxury units when the original HUD contracts expire, owner the Wishcamper Group opted to preserve the much-needed affordable rental levels. The for-profit development company specializes in acquiring, rehabilitating and preserving housing for low- and moderate-income tenants.


Virtually every element in the complex was improved in the massive renovation, with special attention paid to energy conservation. A new steel canopy and glass screen wall at the entrance unify the buildings in function, security and appearance. The facades have been restored and all windows and wall louvers have been replaced. The apartments have received new finishes, kitchen cabinets and appliances, as well as bathroom fixtures and lighting. In addition, a new and more efficient heating system has been installed, along with a new security system, including a new security booth at the main entrance.