Press | March 3, 2009

Building Block of a Good Education

World Architecture News


Located in the Bronx, NY, the Bronx Early Learning Center is a 22 classroom preschool for both typically developmental and learning delayed children. This project consolidates the operations of two existing Bronx preschools into a new state-of-the-art early learning facility. This new consolidated school includes classrooms, support spaces, extensive physical and speech rehabilitation facilities and a large multi-purpose room. By restoring the exterior to its original condition, as well as gutting the interior for a state-of-the-art early learning center, the design team transformed the building from its once dilapidated state into a proud facility.


The creation of the 3rd Floor mezzanine necessitated an independent structure from the existing wood I cast iron system between the 2nd Floor and roof trusses, and the outdoor rooftop playground also required additional structural supports.


Through the use of colour, the architects brought originality to the traditional building palate in a way that speaks to the children. Public spaces use a color coding system to denote function; the repetition of simple shapes and forms reinforces this logic. Colored wood panels compose the three story “feature wall” which is the central unifying element of the project. It serves as a datum between the front entry sequence of the building and circulation to the academic¬† portions of the school.


Completed in September 2008, the Bronx Early Learning Center is the largest preschool and early learning center in New York State and more importantly, an innovative and environmentally sensitive learning environment.