Press | December 1, 1992

1992 Design Awards – Citation for Excellence in Design

New York State Association for Architects – News


The New York City Housing Partnership, a non-profit organization, working in conjunction with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, The New York State Affordable Housing Corporation and The Department of Housing and Urban Development has given a small, locally based minority builder the opportunity to enter the home-building industry through its Neighborhood Builders program.


The effort to maintain affordability, did not preclude providing a pleasing and marketable design. The two-family attached building type was selected because of its appropriate scale and density for this still largely urban community. Each three story building has an owner-occupied three-bedroom duplex unit on the upper two floors. The lower Ievel is a two-bedroom rental unit, a helpful amenity in reducing mortgage payments and provides needed rental housing to the area.


These homes feature distinctive facades and roof parapets that give individual identity to the paired homes. Canopies cantilevered above the front porch and entries echo the distinctive form of the parapets above. All of this, along with offsets in the paired homes and the varying finishes of synthetic stucco make for a lively street elevation breathing life into a once blighted neighborhood.


Melrose Homes has proven that the need for affordable housing can be provided to New York City in a creative and practical way, all through the combined efforts of its many organizations working together.